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"I was introduced to Karen Heck through a great mutual friend of ours several years ago. Since that time, I have turned to Karen for professional consulting on numerous occasions and she is always spot on. As a small business owner, entrepreneur and technology expert, it is very easy to become overwhelmed and caught up in the heavy workload my small business tends to experience. At one point, my company began to experience economic setbacks. I was beginning to feel unhappy in my line of work and began questioning if I wanted to continue with my business. As fear began to take hold, I became scattered and unfocused. Karen was able to provide me with serious, down-to-earth advice, suggestions and guidance - no holds barred! Her consultations were gentle but firm, exactly the kind of support I needed to get through a very challenging time in my life. Her perceptions, concepts, ideas, and innovations were just what I needed to make wise decisions. Not only did she help me to stay the course in my current business, she helped me to rebound and flourish to new heights! Today, my company is busier than ever and thriving once again, thanks to Karen. I am so happy I listened to her wise counsel.  Karen is the warmest, kindest, most positive person you will ever meet. I whole-heartedly recommend her to any entrepreneur in need of assistance. You will not find a better person to help kick you into high gear! But her real gift is that she does it with kindness, grace and style. Thank you, Karen for all you have done for me and my company. You are a shining star!" - - Dawn Lambros, Entrepreneur, Co-founder, Vice President of Sales/Marketing for The Dream Builders Company, Los Angeles, CA


Dawn Lambros